Co2 Becomes Nano-fibres: With the use of a solar-powered system, scientists in the U.S have been able to utilize and absorb CO2 from the air to make carbon nanofibres. These nanofibres are a highly valuable manufacturing material used for high-tech products. Although the scientists are currently only producing about 10mg of nanofibres per hour, they say a significant “up scale” of the production could lie in the future. The scientists furthermore se important potential for decreasing CO2 levels in the air with this new technology.

Unused buildings provide office: Facilities provided with both heating and lighting often stand empty and unused, contributing to resource waste. A quick survey found that 87 percent of the energy used to heat, light and maintain buildings was wasted during idle hours when the facilities were not being used. Some innovative companies have now made it their mission to harness this waste of energy and make use of empty facilities by offering them as office space for corporations and organizations. Essentially, the business idea is about maximizing the use of our resources and contributing to a sustainable economy. Click here for the full article.