Karin Letmark and Senita Galijatovic join us at UpHigh for the fall of 2015 as interns.

Karin has finished a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese and Social Anthropology with a few years’ experience living in China and South East Asia. She is currently studying her last year for a Master’s degree in Human Rights at the University of Gothenburg, focusing on sustainability and Corporate Responsibility.

“I believe companies have a great potential in finding win-win solutions to global challenges - such as climate change, energy, water scarcity, protecting ecosystems and human rights. Uphigh conveys great knowledge and inspiration to the business world and I am happy to have the opportunity to take part in their work during this semester”.

Senita finished her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and spent a semester interning for the Embassy of Sweden in Sarajevo. She recently completed her Master’s degree in International Administration and Global Governance at the University of Gothenburg. With a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, Senita wrote her Master’s thesis about some of Europe’s largest clothing brands and their ability to raise minimum wages in the clothing industry in Cambodia.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the UpHigh team during this semester. It is great to be working in an environment that values responsibility and I am certain hard work will build my skillsets and contribute to my professional development."